Our History:

Louis Flory, President of Effex Management Solutions, began his career in the temporary staffing industry. It didn’t take long for him to recognize that there were serious flaws in the system. Staffing requirements weren’t being filled by qualified candidates, partnerships were lacking foundation and productivity paid the price.

With this observation in mind, Flory set out to make a difference. Effex Management Solutions was built around the idea that true success would follow strong client partnerships and a fresh and foolproof approach to staffing and management. Since it’s inception 14 years ago, the company boasts 100% client retention and partners with medium to fortune 500 sized businesses that will tell you, first hand, the measurable success they’ve had with their workforce perfected.

From the first step to the last, their formula for meeting large volume contingent workforce requirements is not only highly effective but unprecedented.

effex management solutions 100 percent partner retention